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Cinema Orly

by Luís Capucho
Translated by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes
210mm x 148mm
Design by Chagrin

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How many facets does Love have? The Greeks saw at least six, Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, and Philautia, but today these distinctions seem to be confused or even missing from that thing most of us call Love. In Cinema Orly, Luís Capucho challenges our contemporary notion that Love can only exist in a monogamous, romantic relationship. Through an unashamedly (porno)graphic account of his experiences cruising in a dingy and damp porn cinema in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, which stank of cum, sweat, urine, and cigarettes, Capucho guides us through his relentless search for Love, precisely where one would least expect to find it. The result is Cinema Orly, a book that not only titillates the imagination, but which also challenges some of our deeply rooted sociopolitical prejudices in relation to what we call "the Other," since most of us would find it difficult to admit that Capucho is a character that lives within all of us.

First published in Brazil in 1999, Cinema Orly quickly became a cult classic in queer circles. However, this is a throughly politically incorrect book, and is therefore, not recommended for those who lean towards political over sensitivity. Neither is it suitable for the puritans and prudes amongst us, so may this be a warning. Cinema Orly shocks and delights in equal measures. But in the end, Capucho discovers that there is far more to Love than we are ready to accept.

"Whenever I arrived at the Orly, I felt delicious flames springing from my belly, which, slowly enveloped my sex, my heart, and my head, so that, as I walked through the corridors, I was an incandescent body walking. The men I fleetingly gazed at in the darkest corners of the cinema, in the toilettes, or in the twilight of the seats, with their sensual, luminescent, wet gaze; with their hard dicks, either hidden, or on display through their shorts; hard dicks, rested on a raised leg, through an open zipper, or fully on show with lowered pants, sensual, luminescent, and wet: fed my fire."